Architecture is about people not objects and should create sustainable places that enrich the experience of its users. Given this philosophy, I am able to create value for clients through a detailed process of integrating program requirements and sustainable principles within the constraints and resources of what will become a unique place.  As a result of my 26 years of architectural experience, I have developed a unique sensitivity to detail in architecture and urban design which leads to elegant solutions of complex architectural issues. 

As a Vice President and Principal Designer at The Jerde Partnership International (JPI), my primary responsibility was to lead design teams in the development of large international and domestic mixed-use architectural projects. Among the many note-worthy projects that I have worked on while at JPI were the 5 million square foot World Market Design Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and the 2 million square foot Dubai Festival City mixed use complex in the UAE.

Prior to joining JPI in 1998 my experience included work on the Getty Museum with Richard Meier and Partners and the Colburn School with Hardy Holtzman Pfiffer and Associates. As a result of these challenging experiences I gained a greater appreciation for  architecture development to high standards with uncompromising sense of quality.

Living in London for three and a half years I attended the Architectural Association’s Graduate Design Program with Ron Herron and Peter Cook.  During this time I worked for Foster and Associates on the Kings Cross Master Plan and the Chiswick  Park office building and learned that good design and attention to detail are at the heart of any enduring architectural solution.

I attended California State Polytechnic University Pomona and graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Architecture Degree. For detailed background information please see my Resume

Zlota Tarase Section

Zlote Tarase Section  while with Jerde

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